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Welcome to the COTT Summer Book Club Headquarters. Our club will be in session June through August, 2011. Each month, we will read and discuss a Clash of the Titles Champ book, led by a COTT hostess.

Read along with us and pop over to join in discussions. Follow the blog to be notified of new posts and conversations. Currently there are no "live" discussions scheduled, so feel free to drop in and leave answers or questions for the author when it's convenient for you. We also gather on facebook, for those who find that easier or preferable. You can find us on facebook HERE.


In June, we read Karen Whitemeyer's A Tailor-Made Bride , and now in July we are starting in on Eleanor Gustafson's The Stones, a novel about the life of King David.

In August we'll be enjoying Destiny's Dream by Delia Latham.

Each author will be stopping by periodically during their month to interact with readers, and may offer signed bookplates and other goodies to participants. So keep your eyes peeled. =)

We are having a blast reading our winner's books and getting to know you, our readers, better. Stop by often. See you there!

~ Michelle Massaro, COTT Asst. Editor

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