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Destiny's Dream: Discussion #3

Your book club hostess is Michelle Massaro

Hi everyone! Have you all finished reading Destiny's Dream yet? We still have one week left so don't despair.

One of the things I liked was seeing how God used Destiny's scary ordeal to "wake up" other around her, causing them to do some serious soul-searching (or should I say "God searching").
Have you ever experienced something like this in your life? Whether you were the one with the difficult circumstance, or the one brought to your knees in the wake of someone else's crisis, if you are comfortable, please share your experience.

One of the characters we see affected is Destiny's sister Jenna, who has so immersed herself in being the perfect society wife that she allowed God to take a back seat. Many people do this, for various reasons. What is meant by putting God first? How can we make sure God is at the top of our to-do list?

Destiny was attacked, and her life threatened, by a creepy psycho. If it'd been me, I'm not sure I'd have been as calm as Destiny was. She knew God was with her and even though she felt fear, her faith gave her a steady assurance so that she was able to speak peace to her assistant Julie, and even to the crazy gunman. We've all probably read countless real-life stories of people receiving supernatural boldness in the face of death. Have you thought of what you'd do or how you'd feel in that situation?

After the villain threatened and physically injured people, Destiny had to decide whether or not to heed his demands and close Solomon's Gate. Do you think her hesitancy to do so was selfish? Should she have closed her business, even though she strongly felt God's guidance in opening it?

Before I hand you the mic, let me remind you that Delia has offered to send each of our participants a free bookmark and signed bookplate. She is also generously giving away a copy of Kylie's Kiss--book 2 in this series. All who join in our discussions will have their name put into the hat to win that book, and I'm positive that after reading Destiny's Dream, you'll want the sequel. So don't be shy, jump on in and share your thoughts, answer a question, or pose one of your own. Our lovely author will be around to interact with us all. Woo hoo!

Don't forget, we also meet on facebook for those who "live" over there and find it easier not to venture out of the house. That link is: Please share it (and this blog) with your friends.

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Delia Latham said...

I've so enjoyed the various comments so far. I love when readers "get" the underlying messages in my books! :)

Got a comment? We want to hear it? Got a question? We'll sure try to come up with an answer.

Don't be shy...jump right in!

Michelle Massaro said...

All my comments and questions for now, are already in the post! lol Can't wait to find out what everyone has to say. ;)

Marianne Evans said...

Like I said in a previous comment, Destiny followed the call God placed on her heart, so I don't feel her actions were at all self-centered, they were God-centered and admirable. She did a wonderful job of staying strong in a storm...with the love and support of those God placed around her.

LoRee Peery said...

So many questions. My God-search began with a rainbow over my father's grave, and it took a year for me to realize Jesus was the answer. I like to think of the Lord as being with me when I rise, and throughout the day's decisions and adventures. I've thought about a threat like that and hope that I could say, "God loves you," and be brave no matter what. We know what decision to make if we've given the situation to Him.

Delia Latham said...

Hi, Marianne and LoRee! I appreciate you both joining the discussion. Marianne, I agree - I think Destiny was definitely God-centered in her thinking. She's who I want to be (as a Christian) when I grow up! :D

LoRee, isn't it wonderful to know that He is there through it ALL? Hey, I hope I could have that kind of response in a threatening situation such as the one Destiny and Julie faced, as well. I hope I never have to find out!

Mary Manners said...

Hi Delia,

I loved the message in Destiny's Dream. What a struggle it can be to overcome our own doubting nature and stubbornness. Your books certainly do carry messages that touch and often change your reader's lives. Keep on writing!

Delia Latham said...

Thanks, Mary! That's what it's all about. :)

April W Gardner said...

Hi everybody! Driving to church on Sunday, I passed the gas station about 1/2 mile from my house and found it packed with cop cars, their lights flashing. I imagine it had been robbed or something equally evil. It made me think of how close that was to me and how I could have easily been there at the time. How would I have reacted in my Sunday dress and heels? Would I have held up to the image I bore? That of a faithful Christian? If God deems fit, one day I'll find out. I tremble at the thought of failing!
LoRee, how beautiful that your God-search began with a rainbow over your father's grave. His promises and presence are evident every day, if only we'll open our eyes to see. I praise him that yours were open and that you found Him!

Delia Latham said...

April, I think the true picture of our walk with God is what we portray when in those tight spots, lowest of valleys, dark trials, etc. Anyone can put on a "faithful" face in the best of times...but is it a mask? The tests reveal our true face, whether it's that of a trusting, faithful Christ-follower...or something less admirable. (I'm glad you weren't at that store when whatever happened happened!)

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