Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have You Performed Your Morning Constitutionals?

Today's host: Jennifer Slattery

Although I'm hesitant to "assign" chapters, for ease of discussion purposes, we are up to chapter 15 today in Karen Witemeyer's A Tailor-Made Bride. Again, if you haven't purchased your book yet, there's still time. We'd love to have you join our discussion. And please, don't let the questions I pose box you in. If something in the novel triggered your curiosity or provoked a thought, by all means, share it! The more rabbit trails we skip down the better, right? (Or am I the only gabby one?)

As someone who believes whole-heartedly in the need for physical activity, I found Hannah's morning "constitutionals" amusing. I forget that women didn't always exercise. No wonder they fainted all the time! What are some other changes we ladies enjoy?

I also found Hanna's reaction to "free" advertising quite amusing. You may remember, when the laundress came to meet her, the two discussed ways Hannah might generate more business. Do you remember Louisa's suggestion? Quite sound business advice, really. Everyone loves a freebie, right?

In today's culture, freebies are almost expected, but as I read the conversation between Hannah and Louisa, noticing Hannah's somewhat shocked reaction, I realized someone started this practice. Some business owner, at some point in history decided they needed to spend money to make money.

Do you think Hannah's bread cloth give-away will drum up business? Anyone else worried she may run out of funds before that happens?

If you were Hannah, what might you do to generate a bit of business?

Tom Packard is an enthusiastic young man with slow mental functioning, yet Jericho trusts him to run the livery when he's not around. What kind of giftedness did Tom exhibit despite his disabilities? How well do you think today's society welcomes and involves people with similar mental challenges? Are they viewed as important contributors to the community or simply as a responsibility?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts (and questions) on all this! And don't forget to hop on over to Clash of the Titles to vote for our next literary champion! Who knows, you might even win a free book in the process.

Are you getting excited for July? I can't wait to dive into Eleanor Gustafson's The Stones! King David is one of my favorite biblical characters.

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